The Project

Pupils at risk, youth of school dropout, youth from minorities as Roma, refugees and migrants have lost contact to education and support structures during the pandemic. They did not have the means or knowledge or persistence or linguistic means to use the digital backup education that has been set up and have accumulated large deficits in knowledge and social development opportunities. They need the knowledge and skills to access the digital backup systems of communication and education.


The overall outcome of UNINLECO will be a permanent support alliance that increases the digital readiness of these disadvantaged groups of learners and increases their chances of participation, education and inclusion als in situations of societal crises like the recent pandemic.

The Target

The COVID crisis has shown that schools and civil society organization activities suffered from a lack of access of groups at risk, such as pupils from families at the fringes of society, national minority groups like Roma, refugee families, etc.

Uninleco News

Consortium (Project Partners)


The Project contains tools and specific actions to achieve its objectives such us:

Provide toolkits and other state of the art multi-medial learning material to teach and learn this knowledge and skills.

UnInLeCo e-Learning platform.

Set up the appropriate training for multipliers to empower them for supporting their clients to professional standards also in the field of digital learning.

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Supporting the multipliers through university and Business based coaches.

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Provide resources online.

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Engage the Business Community to support this effort.

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