The Project

Pupils at risk, youth of school dropout, youth from minorities as Roma, refugees and migrants have lost contact to education and support structures during the pandemic. They did not have the means or knowledge or persistence or linguistic means to use the digital backup education that has been set up and have accumulated large deficits in knowledge and social development opportunities. They need the knowledge and skills to access the digital backup systems of communication and education.

The overall outcome of UNINLECO will be a permanent support alliance that increases the digital readiness of these disadvantaged groups of learners and increases their chances of participation, education and inclusion als in situations of societal crises like the recent pandemic.

By implementing this project we want to achieve that:

● Disadvantaged students and youth from groups at risk can acquire the digital knowledge and skills and develop the appropriate attitude to access digital education, learning and social support opportunities.

● Reenter the education and support opportunities that are offered but not used by these groups.

● Catch up with the gaps in education and learning created during the COVID crisis.

● Develop digital skills that allow for using digital learning opportunities on a continuing basis.

To this end it is the objective to form a University-Business-Community Alliance, which brings together the knowledge and skills of academics, advanced students and professionals, in particular in using digital means of learning and the expertise with the beneficiary group of professionals and experienced volunteers in social and youth work, community development and education to provide the support and knowledge that is needed to meet the beneficiaries' needs.