The Target

The COVID crisis has shown that schools and civil society organization activities suffered from a lack of access of groups at risk, such as pupils from families at the fringes of society, national minority groups like Roma, refugee families, etc.

Many families did not have the hardware or lacked funds for paying for hard- and software and data plans. Most importantly many lacked the skills and knowledge to access educational resources. They could not take part in virtual teaching offers and lacked the motivation through continuing encouragement and guidance.

The results and learnings from the project will be used in transversal training courses in the partner universities, in relevant subjects and general studies, such as pedagogues, social workers and teachers, as well as in the training of the professionals and volunteers of the associated partners which will disseminate these also to similar organisations. In addition to the impact on the target groups and beneficiaries we aim to support implementing the European frameworks on digital competences of educators, citizens and organisations, including the development and use of open educational resources, open textbooks, and free and open source educational software.

The project will support the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic as it will better connect Universities and at risk groups, increase the societal relevance of Universities and allow the beneficiaries to catch up lost learning time and access to educational resources through access to digital resources. It will build the sustainable capacity to be resilient against future shocks and limits of access to face to face learning by building the skills for self organized and self motivated learning.